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    • About

    Welcome to ZypFly! This is a mashup of Mapbox GL and GeoNames.org. The Mapbox WebGL vector tiles provide the map visuals while Geonames serves up over 10M places that you can analyize around any location on the map.

    Pan and zoom to a point of interest and click on the map to start the process. Or use the Search function to fly directly there.

    • Search

    Click the search icon Search Control (above ) to open the Search control.

    Begin typing and select from the dropdown box when the location you want appears.

    The map will fly to that location.

    • Points

    When the map lands on a Point you've selected, an Infobox will open with related links.

    The bottom map links provide you two different Satellite views, and a Google map, that open in their own tab for comparison.

    The Permalink creates a link that flies directly back to that location.

    • Controls

    The Controls on the right are:

    The Zoom buttons Zoom In Control Zoom Out Control

    The zoom Value box  3

    The Clear button Reset Control resets the app back to initial state.

    The Places button  Places Control  lets you specify the Place type.

    Slider 1 sets a confinement boundary in Kilos.

    Slider 2 sets the number of results to return.

    * note: A cookie is created to remember your Slider settings.

    • Places

    First, select a Point on the map, then click the Places button to select a category type.

    A boundary box will be formed around your map Point and the box will be populated with small markers representing each of the selected Places.

    The Place names are presented in the sidebar here. Hovering over the Place name will focus over the point on the map, and hovering over a map point will focus on the Name. Click either one to present an Infobox for the Place.

    • Map Titles

    Names of places that are part of the map are explorable and included in the Permalink.

    This is really powerfull as the name becomes a searchable link in the Infobox.

    • Examples

    Try out these examples:

    Center of the U.S.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Statue of Liberty

    The Albino Alligator

    Secret Beach

    • Credits

    API Services by:

    MapBox and GeoNames.

    Plugins by:

    NetEye and Cookies.

    A BusDriverJim production.